Psychological therapy is not for men. Unfortunately, many men believe this is true. As men we sometimes see sometimes refuse to ask for help for the following reasons:

  • It will make us look weak
  • We don’t want to feel the pain that comes with explaining a problem
  • We don’t want to admit that a problem exits and we don’t have a solution
  • Going to therapy means we will be blamed

A new web site, is taking a revolutionary approach to helping men seek help by inviting men to “Take the Head Inspection,” and to “Get a Few Things Off Your Hairy Chest.”
Mantherapy uses satire, wit and humor to diffuse a man’s feelings of shame and embarrassment that might come from reaching out, then links men to the information they need to function at a higher level. Many men that I work with in counseling yearn to become better fathers, husbands and sons. Often work related stress, dysfunctional choices or childhood psychological injuries get in the way. This web site helps them take the first step toward understanding how teaming-up with a male counselor can help them win psychological battles.

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