“The talents of an Emmy winning former network correspondent molded with the skills and experience of a counseling psychologist.”

Twenty years as a journalist and counselor give me the global view needed to train and speak on a wide range of topics using clarity, brevity, charisma and a sense of humor!

Trainings for life:

I offer work-life and psychological wellness training aimed at boosting employee morale and reducing organizational costs among companies and organizations. Often, stress at home spills into the work place reducing productivity while increasing absenteeism, presenteeism, missed deadlines and tardiness. My trainings are aimed at providing solutions to challenges employees face at work and at home. I have presented to USAID, first responders, the National Football League Players Association, medical staffers, and disaster relief teams. Trainings include:

  • Caring for the elderly
  • Smarter credit card use
  • Going green
  • Stress busting at home and at work
  • Building a respectful workplace
  • Producing quality videos for your company and performing on-camera
  • Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) group intervention

Some recent presentations include:

There should be more help for those who safe guard our children. That message was sent as part of a series of presentations to investigators and managers in Washington, DC who build cases against child pornography. Often these forensic computer examiners spend a large number of hours studying sadistic and violent scenes shot by those who prey on the young and the helpless. In some situations, these examiners develop symptoms that include:

  • Fractures in their sexual connection with spouse or partner
  • Over protective parenting
  • Burnout, hopelessness, increases in irritation
  • Loss of purpose

The presentations to workers examines:

  • Paths to a productive and healthy workplace
  • Parenting challenges (What should I share about my work with my kids?)
  • Leading forensic teams as a manager
  • Constructing an office to reduce accidental and prolonged exposure
  • Helping the examiner’s family understand work stress

These unique presentations are based on training from The Innocent Justice Foundation and research conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice, and several universities.

“There’s nothing sexy about a workplace that permits harassment.“ That was the message Bill delivered to workers at a Houston company. In this presentation Bill discussed the elements of sexual harassment and how workers can take action while companies mitigate risk and reduce exposure to legal action. Also in Houston, Bill has delivered presentations examining stress in a medical setting and how to respond to an active shooter in the workplace.

“Leaders must send the message that it is okay to ask for psychological help,” Bill Prasad recently told those attending a training for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

“Citizen teams are exposed to critical incident stress that can include seeing neighbors killed and parts of a community destroyed by natural or manmade disasters. While most members are resilient, some may need additional help in facing psychological challenges and stress or trauma like reactions.” Prasad and Campion Counseling combined for this two hour presentation in conjunction with Fairfax County Fire and Rescue. Those attending the presentation rated the training and presenters as being excellent!

My Story of Stress and Trauma was presented to an international group of reporters in Chile. I shared how my coverage of human suffering and tragedy during 911 (Pentagon), the Oklahoma City bombings and the murderous rampage of the sniper shootings influenced my psychological well-being. I discussed how reporters can take care of themselves and how management has a responsibility to provide help for reporters and send the message that asking for help is okay.

Domestic Violence in the Workplace was explored with top defense contractor Raytheon. We discussed how violence at home can spill into the workplace and the responsibilities workers and managers have to keep that workplace safe. Keys to my understanding of this issue lies in my experience as former Deputy Communications Director for a women’s legal rights organization.

Rescue Team Trauma was examined by me and Abby May, LPC during a series of presentations for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). We focused on unique stressors felt by workers and managers, how to reduce stress and how the organization might better take care of its workers in challenging and potentially deadly environments.

Suicide Among First Responders, Drug Abuse/Dependence and Firefighters, Rescue Team Return, Firefighter Stress and Trauma and DownRange and Back: The Road home, which examines adjustment difficulties and cross over critical incidents faced by some when they exchange that military uniform for the uniform police officer or firefighter, are among a number of first responder related presentations I give frequently. My experience working with police and fire gives me an intimate understanding of the culture.