Bill Prasad

Bill Prasad

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
State Credentialed LPC Supervisor
Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC)
Certified Trauma Counselor (CTC)
Approved Critical Incident Stress Management Team Instructor

COUNSELING: As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) I am a therapist who meets clients where they are without judgment, helps them move forward, and leaves them in a better place. We work as a team to highlight your abilities, bring your existing strengths to the surface and increase your resilience. Our work together is built around moving you forward in a time-sensitive manner that doesn’t require endless therapy and an endless financial commitment. My practice is limited to adults seeking therapy. For therapy for adolescents, go to: Campion Counseling.

MEDICAL CLINIC SERVICES: Contemporary Medicine Associates (CMA) in Bellaire brings a whole person approach and 30 years of expertise to family medicine and psychiatric care. This team of doctors and psychotherapists has earned the respect of the Houston medical community for its high quality patient care and its work with hospitals, treatment facilities, pain management specialists, and other private organizations. The practice has been recognized for its accomplishments in Family Medicine, the field of addiction recovery and other therapeutic approaches to the overall health of its patients.

TRAINING/EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM SERVICES (EAP): Companies, First Responders (fire and police), Federal and State agencies and defense contractors have called upon my unparalleled skills as a counselor and former TV journalist for speaking engagements, interesting trainings, effective crisis response and EAP services geared toward increasing worker morale and sending the message that employees are cared for, supported and well resourced.


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