Twenty years as a journalist and counselor give me the global view needed to train and speak on a wide range of topics using clarity, brevity, charisma and a sense of humor!

The talents of an Emmy winning former network correspondent molded with the skills and experience of a counseling psychologist.

Trainings for life:

I offer work-life and psychological wellness training aimed at boosting employee morale and reducing organizational costs among companies and organizations. Often, stress at home spills into the work place reducing productivity while increasing absenteeism, presenteeism, missed deadlines and tardiness. My trainings are aimed at providing solutions to challenges employees face at work and at home. I have presented to USAID, first responders, the National Football League Players Association, medical staffers, and disaster relief teams. Trainings include:

  • Caring for the elderly
  • Smarter credit card use
  • Going green
  • Stress busting at home and at work
  • Building a respectful workplace
  • Understanding mental health for employees and managers
  • Leadership
  • Suicide prevention
  • Substance abuse and the workplace

Bill has presented to supervisors and managers for the following organizations: